"Death Bed: The Bed That Eats" Movie Review

Review: Well for this movie the title says it all, it is a movie about a bed that eats people if they lay on it. Well this movie starts off with a couple going to this house but they can't get in it because the bed uses it's powers to lock the doors so that they will go into this little 1 room building were the bed is located but before he eats them he has some chicken, and apple, and some wine before he makes them his main course and from that you can get what happens throughout this film. There is also another character that is hidden behind a painting of the bed that you hear his thoughts and narration as he watches the doom unfold onto the victims of the bed, he also goes through the history of the people that the death bed has ate and also how the death bed came about. To me this is one of the most bizzar films I have seen in awhile and really I thought after the first scene that it would be beyond horrible but it wasn't. I was actually very much entertained throughout the remainder of this film. One of my favorite scenes is towards the end of the movie where this guy gets the flesh ate off his hands by the bed and just sits there looking at them and not in a painful way just in a relaxed way and then has this girl take the hands off him bone by bone, it's just very odd. There is a really cool bonus feature on this DVD that is a video introduction by the director George Berry and he talks about the history of himself with the film and how it was never officially released until this DVD. I love it when they put features like that on DVDs because it shows you a peek into what the director thinks about his movie. Overall this is a cool movie if your in the mood for something bizzar and quite weird. I have to say thank you to Cult Epics for releasing this very fun film! I give this movie a 4 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: George Berry, Released By: Cult Epics, Year: 2003, Genre: Horror, Website: www.cultepics.com Time Length: 80 mins.

Special Features: 4 Page Liner Notes, Video Introduction by the Director