"Basket Case 2 (1990/Blu-ray/Synapse Films)" Review

For a film fan like me the original Basket Case is one of m takes place my favorite comedy tinged horror films of all time. What we have here is the much more comedy filled sequel that takes place right after the happenings of the first. This film was released 8 years after the original which could of hurt the film, but honestly it didn't. I say that because for the scope of the special effects and make-up it was good that they had a bigger budget and more advanced ways of doing them. Anyway let's cut into this morbid carcass and see what it has to offer!

Basket Case 2 starts off where Basket Case ended with Duane and Belial diving out of a window to their doom, but instead of dying they survive the fall. After waking up in hospital Duane and Belial decide to run and end up taking refuge at Duane's aunt's house. Among them in the house is an array of other freaks who are living there to hide away from the ridicule of the public. Not long after arriving at the house they are discovered by a snooping reporter who puts the secrecy of their new found refuge in jeopardy. Amongst the chaos of the freaks fighting for their sanctuary and freedom Belial finds time to find some true love!
This film is a rare one in the fact that it was made so many years after the original and it actually holds up well to it. This time around it feels alot less down and dirty like the first film and also it has a seemingly bigger budget. The acting is a bit better as well and the best part is that there are more freaks in this film. Despite those facts I still enjoy the grittiness of the first film more. I'm not going to say that this film is going for this deep of a message, but it kinda shows how the average person simply outcasts those are different than themselves. That is what I got from this film atleast. Along with that you get some very cool looking freaks and gore.
The practical special effects and creativity in the look of the freaks are highlights of the film for me. My personal favorite of the freaks besides Belial is that of "Man with 27 Noses", yes that is the characters name. I am enthralled by him because I wonder if when he sneezes does it come out of all the noses at once? Also I like the character "Half Moon" who looks like morbid version of the short lived McDonalds mascot "Mac Tonight", one really cool thing is that it's played by David Emge who played Stephen in the original Dawn of the Dead. If you ever wondered what it was like to see Belial have sex with a woman version of himself you will see that as well! Figured you'd want to know about that!
Overall this is a very fun film that is a good sequel as well! This release from Synapse is pretty much a copy of their previous DVD release of this film, but with an HD presentation. I would say it is very much worth the upgrade for those like myself who like this film. Also this blu-ray release is at not that bad of a price!

-Daniel Lee

Director: Frank Henenlotter
Lead Actor/Actress: Kevin Van Hentenryck
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Blu-ray Release Year: 2016
Theatrical Release Year: 1990
Time Length: 90 mins.
Rating: R
Region Code: Region Free
Release Company: Synapse Films
Website: www.synapse-films.com