The Gallows (2015/Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Combo/Warner Bros.) Review

I have said on here a few times that I simply am not a big fan of the "found footage" genre, but occasionally I find one that is good and really worth a watch and the sometimes revisit. Now when it comes to The Gallows I had very low expectations going in and it honestly was good that I did. I am going to make this review short because there is really not much to say. Basically I really did not like this film and found it to be a waste of 81 minutes. This films synopsis is as follows: Twenty years after an accident caused the death of the lead actor during a high school play, students at the same small town school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy—but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone.

First thing that I did not like is that you kinda get to know the main characters, but honestly by the way they act I felt no connection with them and did not have any sympathy for 3 out of 4 of them as they went through the ensuing terror. Secondly I figured out most of the time what was going to happen around every corner and in each following scene. There was too much predictability to this film with little other than 1 scene that truly did build suspense and actually bring me into the film. Trust me when I say that that was an extremely rare occurrence. The last and final thing that I guess is kinda a small gripe is that every time someone went missing who was prior holding the camera they would wonder what happened to them. Now if they would of stopped for a second and rewound the footage that was filmed they would of seen. Now I get that they are terrified and would not always think of that, that is why I call it a small or half gripe.
Overall this was not a film that I really enjoyed and would personally not recommend to horror fans that I know. At the same time I would say that this film was not necessarily made for me, it really seems more geared towards teens and people who are truly fans of the Found Footage sub-genre. I think if your into films like Paranormal Activity then you will enjoy this film. If you decide to seek out this film I just want you to know that I don't see too much of a difference between the blu-ray and DVD release for this film.

-Daniel Lee

Director: Chris Lofing & Travis Cluff
Lead Actor/Actress:
Genre: Horror/Found Footage
Blu-ray Release Year: 2015
Theatrical Release Year: 2015
Time Length: 82 mins.
Rating: R
Region Code: A
Release Company: Warner Bros.
Website: www.warnerbros.com