"Dead West (2017/DVD/RLJ Entertainment)" Review

Dead West follows a charismatic serial killer that is going from town to town in the search of true love. After he kills the wrong girl he goes from being the hunter into the hunted and is pursued by the victims brother. Will he turn the tables around and get away with the brother being another one of his victims or will he finally get the justice towards him that he deserves?

I can say when it comes to revenge films that I always love to see them especially if they are done right. For the film we have here they did quite bad at doing a revenge film. One of my biggest  gripes I have about this film and that is the time length of it. It comes in just under 2 hours and honestly they could of trimmed about 20 to 30 minutes off. See the problem is that they follow the antagonist as he kills one girl after another a little too much. I get they're trying to get you to know the killer and how he works. The only bad part is that it drags on way too long doing so.
Once that is established we finally get into the brother catching up with the killer, but instead of playing it cool he goes right into trying to get vengeance. Personally I would of liked to see a more suspenseful cat and mouse chase before he confronts the killer. Unfortunately when it comes to the confrontation it's more like the "bathtub" scene in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" when he says "When you have to shoot, shoot.". I hate to say it but there is honestly no revenge whats so ever in this film, the brother trying to get revenge ends there and from then on it's just the killer looking for love. I hate that this film acts like it's going to be about revenge when it really isn't. That aspect is put on the back burner and snuffed out half way through the film.
One thing I can say is that the acting is quite good for the most part and the dialogue is good as well. If some of the scenes were just a little shorter this film would be a bit better. Also they should of never pushed this film as a revenge film because that is honestly deceiving by saying it's a revenge film. I will say that I did enjoy it  in a way and I guess if you want to watch a film about a serial killer looking for love than check this film out, if your looking for a revenge film than go pick up a copy of Death Wish. Overall this is more of a rental than a purchase!

-Daniel Lee

Director: Jeff Ferrell
Lead Actor/Actress: Brian Sutherland
Genre: Thriller/Horror
DVD Release Year: 2017
Theatrical Release Year: 2016
Time Length: 114 mins.
Rating: Not Rated
Region Code: Region 1
Release Company: RLJ Entertainment
Website: www.rljentertainment.com