"Bettie Page: Dark Angel" Movie Review

Review: In this film you get a re-creation of the last few years of Bettie Page's pinup and bondage career. The woman who plays Bettie Page does an amazing job. She looks just like the real Bettie Page and fits the role perfectly. The re-creation of the classic bondage films are done quite well and give you the feel that you are watching the originals. Aside from the bondage scenes you get short scenes of her in her daily life and how she tried to become a Hollywood movie star. One thing I noticed is that it seemed like she liked doing the modeling and bondage work but you can really tell she was hoping to go onto higher things. I think fans of Bettie Page will simply love this film and will admire what Nico B has brought to the table. It was really sad to see her pass away not long ago but this film will help show new fans and old fans the true beauty that was Bettie Page. One last thing I must say about this film is that they did a fantastic job on the music score and it went perfectly with the film. Overall i have to say that if you are a fan of Bettie Page then you will missing out if you do not see this film! I give this movie a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Nico B Released By: Cult Epics Year: 2004 Genre: Erotica Website: www.cultepics.com Time Length: 75 mins.

Special Features: Behind The Scenes-"Bondage, Fighting & Nudity", Photo Gallery, Trailers