"Manson Family Movies" Movie Review

Review: This movies goes through the life and times of the Manson family and was shot at various actual locations where the Manson family went and stayed at. I'll be honest right from the start and say that I really didn't like this film. I didn't mind it being silent because I actually love silent films, but the stuff that gets to me is the fact that the guy who plays Charles Manson does not even look close to the way Manson actually looks and the overall acting just didn't work for me. I have studied serial killers and Manson for a few years now and I was really hoping for something better than what I got. This DVD does have some redeeming characteristics to it and those are in the form of "Last Interview With Charles Manson", "The Original LAPD Murder Photos", and "Original Charles Manson Artwork". The special features are great and even the commentary from the director is great as well. The only thing about the actual film that I really dug was the soundtrack that was comprised of never before released Manson Family Music. If you go to watch this movie you maybe more entertained if you watch it with it's commentary. Overall this movie failed to deliver and I really wish it had but it just didn't. I give this movie a 1.5 out of 5 but i give the special features a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: JOHN AES-NIHIL, Released By: Cult Epics, Year: 2005, Genre: Horror/Docupic, Website: www.cultepics.com Time Length: 88 mins.

Special Features: Director's Commentary Track, Outtakes W/ Director's Commentary, Last Interview W/ Charles Manson, The Original LAPD Murder Photos, Original Charles Manson Artwork