Spit of Hate-"In Corpse Still Hate Remain" Review

This is the second album from this experimental death metal band from Taiwan. This band mixes very thick distorted vocals with a chaotic whirl wind of guitars, drums and bass. Spit of Hate is one of those bands that you will seriously find yourself getting into and loving or you will just plain and simply hate them. Their style in ways is like that of Today Is The Day but with more simplistic rhythms. On this album you get 6 songs that don't let up until your ears are destroyed and bleeding. If you are a fan of that shatters music boundaries without mercy then you have to check this band out! Overall I would say that this band has some talent and if they could tighten up their sound a little more then these guys could really dominate the metal scene. I would recommend this band to fans of Halo(the band not the game), Today Is The Day, and Vampire Mooose!

-Daniel Damnation