Global Metal (Movie) Review

This is the second documentary from Sam Dunn on the culture that is Heavy Metal. If you are reading this and don't know what Heavy Metal is then you are in the wrong place! This documentary takes you all around the world showing you places that you would of never realized heavy metal exists. Places like India, China, and Iran to name a few. I can really say that after watching this it really opened my eyes to how wide spread metal really is, and it shows bands that are really awesome and that I would of probably never heard of if I'd never seen this film. Some of the places he goes to Metal is just beginning to start to spread and become known. I really enjoyed this documentary more than the first one he made because it was more original in ways, even though I wish I would of seen him interview and talk with more bands. Other than that he did an amazing job on this film and even if your not into metal you should definately checkout this movie and if you are into metal it will be a fun and enlightening experience. Overall this film was awesome and needs to be seen by everyone!

-Daniel Damnation