Tears of Mankind "Without Way of Hope" Review

This is the first full length album from Russian doom metal band Tears Of Mankind. This band only consists of one man that plays all the instruments and does all the vocals and I truly can say that he does a great job at it. When it comes to the music he plays a mixture of mid paced melodic doom and slow brooding doom/death metal. One thing I definitely liked about this album is that he has the different styles of doom mixed perfectly throughout to where it doesn't get stale or begin to become boring. Also I must say that Phillip “Phil” Skobelin is a great musician and he really knows how to play the instruments that he incorporates in his music. Overall I'd say that this is a great album from a great doom metal that will please all those who are fans off doom metal. I would recommend fans of Tiamat, My Dying Bride, and Moonspell. -Daniel Damnation