"Heavy Metal Killers" Compilation Review

This is the upcoming compilation from Earache records, that displays bands that are bringing back the old school style ans sound of heavy metal. With the old school thrash metal sound back in the metal scene it was only a matter of time that the NWOBHM would come back to rock us to hell! The bands on this comp really show off their talents and their love for old school metal, and when I say these bands have talent I truly do mean it. Some of my favorite songs/bands off this cd are Cauldron-"Chained Up In Chains" and Crowning Glory-"Sea of Dead Dreams" to name a few. It is a breath of fresh air for the metal scene that is getting cluttered up the same shit to see bands like this that are on this comp come into the metal scene. Don't get me wrong, I love death grunts and screams but it is good to hear some bands that have that old school metal edge comeback. Overall this is a great comp with some bands that truly kick some metal ass and if you are into the old school sound of metal that you will be pleased to hear these bands! Fans of Iron Maiden, Saxon, and every other band to comeout of the NWOBHM!

-Daniel Damnation