"Oblivion (1994)" Review

Synopsis:: Red Eye returns back to the town of oblivion with death in his mind. After making light work of the sheriff and the law in the town, him and his posse, begin to run the town, until the sheriff's son is tracked down to make a last stand.

Film: What we have here is a spoof film. A hilarious western sc/fi romp, which is pretty one of a kind. The list of b-stars in this one is pretty long and astounding. Meg Foster as a robot deputy, Lurch from the Adams Family fame as a undertaker among others, but the show stealer here is no other then Andrew Divioff (Wishmaster) who plays the lead lizard man villain "Red Eye". His mannerism and long list of quotable quotes will have you laughing and waiting for his next classic moment. The film is a blending of genre's that actually works, people will either get it or be lost from it, while mixing these 2 strange genres the film took itself in the right direction adding alot of comedic elements. As for special effects Oblivion isn't short on them with a healthy helping of creatures, including the vicious night scorpions. The films effects are elevated by the nice set designs as well, and surprisingly everything works out.

Final Thought:
All and all the film is a very fun ride and recommended especially if you are a full moon fan.
Oblivion had the full moon magic that we all used to love, and revisiting this one was a treat.

The DVD is in full screen and seems to be a standard release with nothing to special about it except a few trailers.

-Darker Parker 

Director: Sam Irvin
Genre: Sci-Fi/Western
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 1994
Time Length: 94 mins.
Company: Full Moon Features