"Exam (2010)" Review

 Synopsis: In this psychological thriller, eight job applicants in a guarded, windowless room are given instruction, exams and 80 minutes to answer one discerning question that may win them a prime position. But they soon discover this is no ordinary test. The exams are blank. With one ejected for attempting to answer the unknown question, the remaining seven must decide what they will do and how far each will go for the coveted job.

Review: I have seen many films that follow this basic plot of putting a bunch of people in a room and seeing what happens and usually they are pretty good films, but on occasion you get a bad one. This one for me was actually very good and had an ending that wasn't truly like anything I had seen in a film like this before. One thing that I found myself doing  while watching it was actually thinking about what next is going to happen without the story just completely leading me the way. There is some very good character developement going on in this film that helps you to actually sympathize for some of them even though they don't get too deep into each persons background. Now as far the plot goes it isn't anything too original but does have it's own share of elements of originality from time to time. Like I said earlier in this review the ending was something I had not seen before which is a good thing because it really helped cap off the film perfectly. To me the ending was just about as awesome as the ending to Saw. The cast was great also and each person for the most part was great even if I wasn't too fond of their character I still thought they were great. Overall this is a great thriller that I think will keep you guessing until the end about what is all really going on!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Stuart Hazeldine
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 101 mins.
Company: IFC Films