"Patrick (1978) (Special Edition)" Review

Synopsis: After murdering his mother and her lover during a bathtub tryst, young Patrick (Robert Thompson) lies comatose in a small, private hospital, where the only motion he can muster is involuntary spitting. When a young nurse, recently separated from her husband, begins working at the hospital, she senses that Patrick is trying to communicate with her psychically. Soon after, the men (and women) in her life mysteriously begin to die.

Review: This film is one of many that was released during the Aussie Horror/Genre Film explosion, now does it live up to the rest of the horror films coming out at that time? Well I have to say yes it does and quite well at that. In ways this film goes off the same elements like that of such classics like "Halloween" and works more off suspense, atmosphere, and a good strong cast of characters. Now if your looking for a fast paced gore soaked film then you will want to stay away because there is little to no gore and the pacing of the film tends to be more on the slow side. For me the pacing of the film works just fine and really helps to add the feeling of the film as Patrick slowly destroys the people around him. The overall plot of this film is pretty basic, but strong at the same time and oddly enough amongst all the chaos that is going on in this film there is even an odd romance kinda going on between Patrick and nurse Jacquard.  The thing that I really liked most about this film was the character Patrick, he has this unsettling look on his face that just cuts right through you. As far as the cast goes there is some real good talent in this film and none of them got stale like what commonly happens in some horror films. Overall this is a very good film that is a true gem of the Aussie horror genre that more people need to discover!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Richard Franklin
Genre: Horror/Suspense
DVD Release Year: 2008
Theatrical Release Year: 1978
Time Length: 112 mins.
Company: Synapse Films