"Lights, Camera, Dead (2010)" Review

Synopsis: Lights Camera Dead is a dark-comedy that tells the tale of die hard filmmaker “Ryan Black” and an ever so pretentious screenwriter, “Steven Dydimus”, who will stop at nothing to complete their self-proclaimed zombie masterpiece “The Music Box”.Halfway through shooting a fed up cast and crew quit, thus shutting down production. But not for long . . . the fast, efficient filmmakers devise a plan to “finish off” their flick . . . and there will be blood! 

Review: I have been hearing alot of good things about this one for awhile and now I get to finally sink my teeth into this one. At first when I began watching this film I found the hype that I heard about it to be over-hype until I got further into the film and then I changed my mind. This film does have some originality to it when it comes to the plot and storyline, it reminds me in ways of a film I saw recently called "Splatter Movie", mainly dealing with the whole "shooting a film inside of a film" and "crew being killed off one by one" aspects. I did enjoy this film but I just wish I couldn't of predicted alot of the film like I did as I watched it, most veteran horror fans will probably have the same experience as I did. Now even though I found it predictable doesn't mean that I did not enjoy this film because I actually really liked it and for what it is I think they did a great job on the very little budget they had.Yes the acting is bad at times and some of the dialogue is bad as well ,but it did work for this film because they did mix some pretty good humor in to not keep the film too serious. The only thing I can't agree with about this film is how it says "Less Bore...More Gore" on the back because that statement isn't entirely true, there is about the average amount of gore and non-gore footage as your typical horror film. Overall this is a pretty cool film that takes the horror genre and adds a little spice to it.

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Horror, Release Year: 2010(DVD), Time Length: 80 Minutes, Company: Sub Rosa Studios/MVD Visual, Website: www.srscinema.com / http://mvdb2b.com