"Real Outlaws (2008)" Review

Review: This film is about the rise of violence in the UK and how teenagers are getting more and more aggressive. There is alot of graphic violence in this documentary ,but it helps to show the dark side of the teenage society. I noticed alot of the footage was of "happy slapping" and a bunch of fights that you can find all over the web (Youtube, Dailymotion, Liveleak, ect.) so some of the footage was no new thing for me to see but it still did shock me at times. I often find myself really questioning humanity after I view clips like these that are in this film. The main guy talking on this film really does not hold back his opinions and views on what is going on and he even points out alot of good points about why our society is going in this direction and it's simple, the governments are letting this go on and not correcting the situation as well as the parents who are too lazy and just turn their heads when stuff like this happens and act like it isn't. Overall this is a good documentary that delves into something that needs to get more attention and needs to be corrected.

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Documentary/Shock, Release Year: 2008(DVD), Company: Revolver Entertainment, Website: www.revolvergroup.com