"Vintage Lesbian Erotica (2010) (Uncensored Version)" Review

Review: This DVD is a compilation of lesbian erotic films that if I'm not mistaken are from France and they expand from the 1920's up to the 1960's. Alot these short films are more on the playful side than the hardcore side ,but there is a decent amount of what some may consider a little more on the hardcore side (ie. oral sex and masturbation) well at least in this uncensored version.I have to say I am not too much of a fan of films like this one ,but I can appreciate some of the art and effort it took to make these films. The thing that especially drew me away from this one was that all the women had armpit hair which I am not a fan of. Now fans of these films and of erotic films like this will love the footage contained on this one ,but if your not a fan then please look elsewhere because you will just be wasting money. Now if you do buy this I can say you will get your bang for your buck because there is a total of 23 short films that come in around 2 hours. I must also add that a decent amount of them are silent with no music ,but for some of these the music doesn't matter. Overall even though this was not mys cup of tea I can still say that for anyone into these type of films will be very pleased with what this one has in store for them.

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Erotic, Release Year: 2010(DVD), Time Length: 120 Minutes, Company: Cult Epics, Website: www.cult-epics.com