"Cauldron-Chained To The Night" Review

Review: Cauldron is one of those bands that has popped up in the scene with a very traditional metal style that is very reminisent of alot of bands from the NWOBHM back in the 80's. Honestly I can't really compare them to any specific band but I can say that every aspect of this band is very 80's and thats all the way from their style, sound, and yes their look. If you are a fan of such other new bands out on the seen like White Wizzard or Enforcer then I can say you will without a doubt love this band. I could really tell the influences in their music ranging from Iron Maiden to the Scorpions and every other band in between. Basically this band kicks ass and has fun while doing it! I just hope these guys don't get screwed over like their fellow Canadian metal band Anvil did. Overall this is a great album from some of the purest metal in the metal scene today!

-Daniel Damnation