"Black Tusk- Taste The Sin" Review

Review: Black Tusk plays a blend of sludge and hardcore that should please fans of both genres. The guitar tone is dirty and heavy as hell and fits the band's style like a glove. The vocals consist of raspy and clean yells so to speak. Every member contributes vocals which gives them an all around diverse sound. When listening to this album a few other bands came to mind, the main one being Kylesa. The fact that newer bands are dabbling in hardcore and not turning into generic metalcore bands could be a great thing for the genre. It seems now with the generic bands rising to the top that anything with the word "core" attached to it is a piece of shit. Bands like this and many others :cough:Tombs:cough: are making the influence of hardcore a positive thing. Anyone in need of some heavy southern fried sludge should give Black Tusk a listen. As if the John Baizley (Cursed, Pig Destroyer, Skeletonwitch) artwork wasn't enough to suck you in already.

-Sadistic Shawn

Band: Black Tusk, Genre: Metal, Year: 2010, Label: Relapse Records