"Eigh8t The Chosen One-"The Artist Radio Won't Pay and the Industry Won't Let You Hear" Review

Review: This is a rare thing for me to do but this time I will be reviewing an album from a rap artist. Basically in the world of rap and hip hop these days there is very little backbone to the genre and about 99.9% of the genre are wannabe artist who just do it for the money and "bitches" and do not delve into real life themes and actual reality, but Eigh8t is apart of that 0.01% that actually takes the genre in the way that the forefathers of the genre did and writes songs that really have meaning and intelligent lyrics that take on life's struggles, societal issues, and the flaws of the rap genre. There is alot of lyrics that really go into the personal issues that this artist has had to deal with over the years weather it's dealing with his struggles with family or other people in his genre suppressing him because of skin color. One of my favorite tracks on this album is "Government (Track 3)" because it delves into the ills of society and the insane amount of control that the government has our lives. Eigh8t really reminds me of such artists as Corporate Avenger, VECT, Ill Bill, and in some ways Necro. Now not all the songs are completely serious such as "Metrosexual" and "Dickhead" which both do make valid points but you can tell he had some fun doing them and you can tell by the feeling of the songs. Above all Eigh8t is truly a good rapper who has some great flow and truly intelligent lyrics that do make you think and question things in life. Overall this is the best album I have heard from the rap genre in a really long time and I highly suggest you checkout this artist.

-Daniel Damnation

Artist: Eigh8t The Chosen One, Genre: Rap/Hip Hop, Website:www.realskillzrecords.com, Year: 2010