"New Blood- Paradise Disintegrates" Review

Review: This is the debut EP from Australian death metal band New Blood. This band takes their music in a direction a tad different then most modern death metal bands and goes more back to the old school death metal sound. There seems to be alot of influence from the older works of Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, and Cryptopsy to name a few. There is some hints of the more modern death metal sound but for the most part you get some very old school death metal. The vocals are very much like those off of Effigy of the Forgotten by Suffocation mixed with those of Chris Barnes in the Tombs of the Mutilated years. Now when it comes to the music for the most part it's filled with grinding guitars and blast beats with the exception for when they go into a more groove based breakdown. The only bad part about this album is the fact that I wish it was longer other than that this is a badass release from a killer band. Overall I would highly recommend this to death metal fans and anyone looking for some killer brutality!

-Daniel Damnation

Band: New Blood, Genre: Death Metal, Year: 2009, Label: Grindhead Records