"One Step Beyond- Life Imitates Art" Review

Review: When listening to Life Intimidates Art one phrase might come to mind; What the hell is this? They are an experimental death metal band with a very distinct sound. Picture Primus with more distortion and harsh vocals. The vocalist has a very unique growl. It is at times guttural but easy to understand, but he adds a certain snarling quality that is one step beyond most in the genre. The sound varies throughout the album. On tracks like "Infinite Illusion" the band goes into a surfer rock jam session and still somehow manages to slip in harsh vocals and make it sound cohesive. Another example of experimentation would be on the track "Thoughts Lost To Time", which could be described as brutal elevator music. The song reaches a climax that most wouldn't think to be possible within the three minute runtime. Alongside moments like these One Step Beyond proves they aren't afraid to go all out on the heavy end of the spectrum. Even when they take the heavier approach they maintain a certain trademark in their sound that sets them apart from the rest. One element that gives them this unique edge is the thick bass that is fully audible the entire album, not many death metal bands seem to embrace the use of bass in their music nowadays and it is refreshing in a sense to hear it being plucked away in the foreground of the music. Overall I'd say Life Intimidates Art is very essential for anyone looking for something different in the death metal genre.

-Sadistic Shawn