"Pathology- Age Of Onset" Review

Review: The album opens up with an atmospheric intro that quickly turns into a blasting guttural-fest. Welcome to Pathology's latest outing! Chugs and tremelo picking greet you with open arms. The vocal delivery on Age Of Onset is similar to a slew of other bands within the brutal death genre. The one thing that makes the vocals entertaining is the way they fit with the rhythm of the songs. While this may not seem like a major feat a lot of bands within the style fail to match the two up. If you need to get your brutal death metal fix with the added bonus of extremely catchy riffs then Age Of Onset is the ying to your yang. Or should I say, the pick-axe to your neck? Don't go in looking for Opeth...go in looking to get curbstomped, and you'll be happy with the final product.

-Sadistic Shawn