"Cerebral Effusion- Impulsive Psychopathic Acts" Review

Review: Cerebral Effusion has a thick brutal death metal sound. The album features seven songs and most of them are around four minutes. The only problem is the band has trouble holding your attention through an entire song. The band slams through the seven tracks and certainly pumps out some high quality riffs but the vocal performance tends to get a little grating. Don't get me wrong I enjoy brutal vocals just as much as the next guy but in order to hold my attention there has to be some form of variation present. The drums blast away for the majority of the album and have a decent tone. Overall I'd say if the band experiments a little more they should be able to find their own sound and release something special. Until then, it will just remain in the stack of "decent, but nothing more" bands that the genre has created.

-Sadistic Shawn