Evil Incarnate "Waiting For His Return" Review

Rising from the depths of hell comes Evil Incarnate with a new slab of satanic death metal. This is their first release in 4 years since they released “Blackest Hymns of Gods Disgrace”. This album like the previous albums is filled with highly satanic lyrics mixed with brutal guitars and sludgy breakdowns. Since their debut album “Blood of the Saints” I think the vocals and overall sound of the band has improved. On this album I have noticed more variants in the vocals and music production sounds more professional and thicker than their previous efforts. The lyrics are still filled with satanic themes and blasphemous hymns. The track that sticks out to me the most is track 7 which is a cover of Slayer’s “Piece By Piece”, which is just fucking awesome. Overall this is in my eyes the best album that Evil Incarnate has released since their unholy conception. For fans of Incantation, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Aeon!

-Daniel Damnation