Eternity Void "The Torrents of Devastation" Review

At first you think this is gonna be another mid-paced death metal album but, think again it becomes a melodic and at times epic album. Like that of Amon Amarth minus the viking themes. The dual vocals on this album work very well together as does the melodic guitars and drums go with the vocals. You won't necessarily find anything that has never been done before but what band can you find in the past 10 years that has done something original. The only thing that sucked was on the last 2 tracks of this album they were fuckedup. Because I really get into it and then it starts to fuckup and that is the only thing I would say that sucks. This bands has a very strong sound and any label that passes these guys up would have to be ran by fucking dumbasses. Bottomline this is a must buy for any of those who are into killer melodic death metal not the In Flames kind but the Amon Amarth kind.

-Daniel Damnation