Epica "The Divine Conspiracy" Review

Once again another female fronted metal band graces my ears, and in a scene that is being overrun with bands like this it's few and far between when you find one that is good enough to stand throughout the whole album. Well.. Epica definitely is one of those great female fronted bands. Epica bring forth a album filled with angelic female vocals that flow smoothly with clean male backing vocals and death grunts. I have to say they play a some of the best and most epic symphonic metal I truly have ever heard. The tracks that really stood out to me most on this album are "Menace of Vanity" for it's raw aggression and power, "Chasing the Dragon" it just a great song with plenty of beauty, power, and a bit of brutality, and "Death of a Dream". Overall this is truly and honestly some of the best symphonic metal that mixes the brutality of death metal that I have heard in awhile. If you are a fan of Leave's Eyes, Nightwish, After Forever then you will dig this album!

-Daniel Damnation