Evile "Enter The Grave" Review

Since the late 80's and early 90's there hasn't been such a big explosion of thrash bands as there is now and Evile is one of those bands leading what I like to call "The New Wave of Thrash Metal". These guys play thrash the way it's supposed to be, with plenty of circle pit inducing riffs, slamming drums and unrelenting vocals. This band has what I believe all thrash bands should have and that is a song about Rambo (Track 3"First Blood") and another one about Sharks (Track 6"Killer From The Deep")! The other songs lyrical content is of war, mosh pits, and the mentally disturbed. The bands sound is like that of early Slayer, Testament, and Sepultura but they still do have their own unique thrash sound. This is seriously one of the best thrash albums I have heard in some time. Overall if you wanna thrash and headbang til your head falls off then you must pickup this album! For fans of Slayer, Overkill, Testament, and about every thrash band that came out in the 80's!

-Daniel Damnation