Amber Tears "Revelation of Renounced" Review

The album we have here is the debut release from Amber Tears. The album starts out with a mellow sound of wind and birds as an intro and soon enough cuts into a dark/melodic rhythm and you can really start to tell that you are in for a grand album. This band has many influences that you can really tell in their music, but at the same time I noticed that these guys have their very own style apart from their influences. With dark overtones, very well played rhythms, and plenty of atmosphere these guys have put together a debut album that should not be overlooked. I also really found the balancing of the death metal vocals and the more clean vocals to be very well done, without overdoing any of the two. Overall this album has what it takes to be a classic in the world of doom metal and is definitely a great debut from Amber Tears. For fans of Amorphis, Draconian, and Novembers Doom.

-Daniel Damnation