All Shall Perish "The Price of Excistence" Review

Well this is the sophomore release for All Shall Perish and I went into this album hoping for as good of a release as their Century Media debut “Hate, Malice, Revenge” was and I must say I got what I expected and more. The start of the album comes full force with grinding guitars that soon turn into a mid-paced stomp with some ungodly grunts. This album is kind of like an out of control roller coaster from hell, musically speaking with a great epic feel to it. This album really makes me get into breakdowns again, because for awhile when the music scene was being overfilled with hardcore bands that’s all I heard. I really like how these guys have a great variation in the vocals that really accentuates every part of the song and album for that matter. Another thing that I really liked was how they mix so many genres into each song and do it flawlessly. Overall this is an album that should please any fan of metal weather you are into death metal, grind, thrash or heavy metal in general. For fans of Jungle Rot, Full Blown Chaos, and Vehemence!

-Daniel Damnation