Amok "Effective Mass-Torture Promo 2003"-"Lava Dictatorship Demo 2002"-"Sadistic Attack Demo 2001" Review

Well to start off each demo kind of has a different sound, it shows how the band has evolved into what they are today and that is a very awesome death metal band. The "Sadistic Attack" demo has a very old school sound to it that reminds me more of when the birth of death metal was happening, from the sound quality to the playing. Then the "Lava Dictatorship" demo has a more modern sound to it but with a very chaotic sound with odd time changes and good but kind of bland vocals (no offense) it doesn't keep my attention like the other 2 demos do. Now the "Effective Mass Torture" promo is more along the style of death metal with sick vokills and a much more structured sound to it. Kind of reminds me of a more Immolation style of death metal. I really can't wait hear the new album from these guys that will be released in September!!!

-Daniel Damnation