"Stake Land (2010/Blu-ray)" Review

Synopsis: America has fallen. A vampiric scourge sweeps the nation, turning brother on brother and parent on child as the blood-hungry beasts take deeper and deeper hold upon the land. It s hard for the survivors to know whether to be more afraid of the creatures themselves or the violent religious groups that have sprung up in response, but there is clearly only one choice: fight or die. Connor Paolo stars as Martin, a young man traveling with only his taciturn mentor a hardened fighter known simply as Mister as protection against this blasted earth in search of the rumoured safe haven of New Eden.

 Review: Being someone who usually gets bored by vampire themed films and overly sick at the sight of wannabe vampire films like twilight I was really wondering if I would be able to make it through this film, but after finding out that the talented director of "Mulberry Street (2007)" was going to be in the directors chair for this film I got a little more excited to view this film. The name of the film itself made myself as well as probably many other people think of the film Zombieland which was more based in comedy that horror if you ask me, but what we have here is a way more serious film that is just as vicious as the vampires on the screen. Now even though this film does have it's own type of grit to it I must say that this film was beautifully shot (thanks to Red cameras) and is filled with some great scenes that are filmed in the country side. I may be wrong about this but it seemed more like this film was shot in the south as apposed to Canada or more northern US.
Now when it comes to the cast you do get a great array of actors that each seemed to fit into their roles perfectly, you have Nick Damici (Mulberry Street) who plays as Mister,Danielle Harris (Hatchet 2) as Belle, and Connor Paolo (Mystic River) to name a few as well as a cameo by underground legend Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter) who plays as a bartender. I must also note that Michael Cerveris plays a very chilling role as a cult leader. There is alot of moments that I loved in this film, but the one that sticks out most to me was this one scene where this small village of people are just doing their normal routine and then out of nowhere the cult in the film starts dropping vampires from helicopters to destroy the town, I found that scene to be so great because it was something very original and something I had never saw done in a film like this before.
Overall this is one hell of a vampire film that did it's job well by bringing some fresh ideas into a sub-genre that has been in much need of fresh new coat of blood! You will surely enjoy every second that you sink your fangs into this soon to be modern classic horror film!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee

Director: Jim Mickle
Genre: Horror/Vampire
DVD/Blu-ray Release Year: 2011
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 98 mins.
Company: Dark Sky Films
Website: www.darkskyfilms.com