"Amy's In The Attic (2010)" Review

Review: First off I must apologize to the director of this short film Matthew Saliba for myself not being able to get this review done way sooner! Anyways this nice little gem of a short follows a group of 6 individuals who are having a swingers party and just about the time when it is about to be broken up by one of the couples wanting to leave our ringmaster for the evening (played by Matthew Saliba) suggest them all play a game and have some fun. The game they end up getting into is one where a persons name is pulled and they are the slave of the evening, which Amy ends up being. After she is painted up with the infamous "black face" and having a collar strapped around her neck the fun begins until things change for the worst!

From the start of the film you can tell that Saliba was heavily influenced by Italian films and he days pay homage to them, but not in the goofy way that films like "Isle of the Damned" did but instead taking the elements of those films and making them his own. From some bad dialogue to it switching from English to Italian without warning. The one thing I wish I could of seen is the dialogue going out of sync like you see in alot of English dubbed releases of Fulci films. This short definitely left me wanting to see more, one really good thing is that they are in the process of making this short into a feature length film!

Overall this is a great little sexploitation short film that is one that I couldn't recommend this more to fans of the genre and anyone who is also into Italian films! Bravo! Now stop reading this and go finish up the feature film Matthew!

-Daniel "Damnation" Lee
Director: Matthew Saliba
Genre: Erotic/Sexploitation/Exploitation
DVD Release Year: 2010
Theatrical Release Year: 2010
Time Length: 23 mins.
Company: Black Flag Pictures