"Gingerdead Man (2005)" Review

Synopsis: Evil never tasted so good! When Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney) testifies against three murderers in a death penalty case, she never expects them to return to life in the form of delicious desserts. But that's exactly what happens when their cremated ashes accidentally fall into a batch of batter and are baked into a trio of gingerbread men. Now, the adorable yet evil cookies will stop at nothing to find the woman who sent them to the electric chair.

Review: In the tradition of pint sized terror that Full Moon has been good for over the range of several films (demonic toys, puppet master, ect.) this film of course stays with that theme. When I first heard of this film instead of thinking bad thoughts about it (like some genre fans did) I actually couldn't wait to see it. Now you can't go into this one expecting an amazing film because this is not one of those films, but it is one hell of a film when it comes to the fun factor.

There is alot of not so good acting and cheesy dialogue, but what would you expect from a low budget over the top film like this. Now of course the thing that really makes this film great in my eyes is the Gingerdead Man who is voiced by Gary Busey (who I have been a fan of for years) who spouts out some great one liners. When it comes to the visual effects I loved that they used practical effects instead of cheapening the film with crappy CGI. I really liked the look of the Gingerdead Man, they did such a great job of making him look evil and even kinda creepy.This film lands in around 71 minutes but without the credits it's only about an hour long which honestly is a great time length for a film like this.  With all that said I can only really recommend this to fans of over-the-top horror and those who love some cheese with their horror. Overall this is a very fun film that I loved and other horror fans will love if they just sit back and have fun with it and not take it so seriously!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Charles Band
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2005
Theatrical Release Year: N/A
Time Length: 71 mins.
Company: Full Moon Features