"Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008)" Review

Synopsis: The horrifying yet delicious and chewy Gingerdead Man causes murder and mayhem on the set of a horrible low budget movie set. It will take the determination of the studio's young new owner to save both his company and well as the lives of his young new friends. Including a terminally ill young boy whose final wish it was to meet the studios stars - The Tiny Terrors.

Review: Straight from Satan's oven comes the Gingerdead Man once again for some slashing fun. This is the first sequel to the original Gingerdead Man and honestly I thought this film was going to suck because sadly alot of sequels to films like this do suck. The only really bad thing about this film is that Gary Busey is missing as the voice for the Gingerdead Man ,but the voice is done by John Vulich (best know for his special effects work) who does do a pretty good job at keeping the voice similar to the original. I really do like that they decided to make the story in this film surround itself with a low-budget film studio (like a few Troma films did) that makes films that are like those that Full Moon has made before.

In some ways it's kind of a spoof of Full Moon in ways. Like the previous film they do use alot of practical effects that are well crafted and work great, there is a little CGI used ,but doesn't effect the film at all because when they are used it actually makes sense to use them. Of course the Gingerdead Man looks just as awesome as he did before and also he comes back with the great one liners. The other characters in the film are of course just as over-the-top as ever and are actually better than the ones from the first if you ask me and you also get Frank Nicotero who was the former host of "Street Smarts (2003-2005)" who plays the assistant to the owner of Cheatam Studios. This film like the original is a tad shorter than normal horror film and lasts about 80 minutes total which helps this film from getting crusty and stale. I did want to add one last thing, if you can get the cover with the Gingerdead Man crucified then get it because it's a way cooler cover! Overall this was a pretty good sequel and if your a fan of the original then I do suggest you give this one a chance!

-Daniel Damnation

Director: Sylvia St. Croix
Genre: Horror
DVD Release Year: 2008
Theatrical Release Year: N/A
Time Length: 80 mins.
Company: Full Moon Features