"Truth of Dare: A Critical Madness (1987)" Review

Synopsis: A mentally-unstable man finds his slow side into insanity hastened when he walks in on his wife and his best friend having sex, and embarks on a vicious killing spree that culminates in a shocking act of brutality. Mike Strauber was never a picture of mental health to begin with, but after becoming the victim of the ultimate betrayal, his odd fixation with the game "Truth or Dare?" becomes an outright obsession. Now, anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path will be forced to play, and odds are it'll be the last thing they ever do.

Review: Looking for insanity? Well look no further because this film is filled with it. This film came out in 1986 amongst many other direct-to-video movies ,but unlike some of the other ones this one was filmed on film which you can tell by the look of this one. Also unlike alot of those other movies I actually liked this one alot. From the plot to the characters I found everything to work quite well. At times I did find some of the acting to be kinda bad and even silly ,but as you follow our main character Mike deeper into the film I think you will begin to really enjoy his presents and his love for a good game of truth or dare that goes to a deeper level of depravity. There is one part in the film I was confused about ,but after I watched the film with commentary the scene didn't bother me anymore, the scene I am speaking of is when Mike gets a bunch of weapons out of the backseat of his car and they didn't show where he got them from. The commentary on this film was great and quite informative unlike some of the ones I have heard before. I think it would be cool if they could either make a sequel somehow or have the original director go back and remake it with more of a budget ,kinda like what I heard they may do with the film Madman. Overall this is a very cool low budget film that has a cool atmosphere with some pretty decent acting and writing, a must have for fans of direct-to-video film fans!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Horror, Release Year: 2010(DVD), Time Length: 84 Minutes, Company: Sub Rosa Studios/MVD Visual, Website: www.srscinema.com / http://mvdb2b.com