"Sound Of Detestation- Ge Fan I Vara Liv" Review

Review: Sound Of Detestation pound you into dust with a vicious brand of grind that will leave fans of the genre begging for more. Though most of the album features tracks barely over one minute in length on songs like "Verklighetsforanking" the band proves that they can create a good track with an average length. As mentioned before the band primarily plays grind but the album has its fair share of crusty moments that really make Ge Fan I Vara Liv an interesting listen. The vocalist verbally abuses the listener throughout the albums runtime, which brings me to my one and only complaint about the album, the runtime. Just when it seems to be getting really good it ends. I know it shouldn't be expected for an album in this genre to be much longer than this release is but in this bands case it wouldn't hurt to give themselves a little more time to vent the anger that this album clearly displays they have a lot of. Overall if you want some kickass grind this album should be bumped to the top of your to get list.

-Sadistic Shawn