"Dream Evil- United" Review

Review: Need a playlist to listen to while you are slaying dragons? Dream Evil would sit comfortably alongside other bands that play epic power metal. Just like many other artists in the genre Dream Evil bring the riffs and a healthy dose of cheese, and in this bands case cheese is more than a good thing. Soaring vocals and speedy fretwork move the album along in a timely manner. There isn't a dull moment on United. The main thing that grabs the listeners attention is the catchy choruses and the excellent climaxes that are typically reached with a face melting solo. All of the members seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to the overall sound. Overall the driving rhythm section and powerful vocal delivery are what make this album. If you like power metal and have already explored all of the essentials within the genre than you should have this album in their collection, if you don't, get it and prepare for a fun journey to the core of metal!

-Sadistic Shawn