"Sikfuk- Shitfisted Superman:The Man of Stool" Review

Review: In all my days of reviewing I have not found anything quite as fucked up as this band. If you don't already know this band consists of one man by the name of Nikfuk (aka Cpt. Shitbeard/Tardgrinder). This band is basically the purest definition of bad music but even though I say that I still love this band because of their no holds barred lyrics, song titles, and album art. The vocals sound like someones asshole spewing out diarrhea while someone belches into the microphone at the same time. The only people I could recommend this to is hardcore fans of grind and porngrind. If you are more into music with a little more meaning or substance then I would stay far away from this band. Really there is not much more I can say about this album than I would go sample this one before you buy it because you may love it or just plain fucking hate it!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Tardgrind/Porngrind, Label: Comatose Music, Year: 2009