"Misery Index- Heirs To Thievery" Review

Review: Since I first listened to Misery Index on their split EP with Commit Suicide back in 2002 I have been a fan of these guys and honestly up until now I could never pick a favorite album, after listening to their latest I can say I finally have a favorite of theirs. Of all their work I see this one as being their most solid and most well rounded. These guys are really showing that they are here to stay and that they do mean business and they really show that on here. What you get musically on this album is a range of pulverizing riffs and drum blasts that are even at times highlighted with some really killer groove.One thing I can agree with that I have heard about these guys and that is that they are very similar to Dying Fetus and that is very much due to this band being originally made up of 3 former members of Dying Fetus. Overall this is a truly pure and bad ass album from one of the best bands in the death metal scene today!

-Daniel Damnation

Genre: Death Metal, Label: Relapse Records, Year: 2010