"Embrace Damnation- Glory of a New Darkness" Review

Review: Embrace Damnation are a force to be reckoned with and this album is proof of that. Armed with two members of Lividity the band manages to maintain brutality while having an emphasis on melody. There are quite a few epic moments to be found scattered throughout Glory Of A New Darkness, an example of this would be the killer guitar work during the intro of Torture Burns Inside. Moments like the one mentioned above set this band apart from the pack of generic and dull melodic death metal bands that have surfaced in recent years. Aside from the chugs that provide a deep end for the overall sound of the album the majority of the fret gymnastics takes place on the higher strings. The precise instrumentation provides a solid background for the killer vocal performance. Though the vocalist isn't the most varied in the world he belts out his mid-range scream with enough power that it holds the listeners interest. Vocal layering is also used to add an element of variation to the sound. Overall Embraced Damnation is a great up and coming band that doesn't fall victim to the generic styling that more popular bands in the sub-genre have.

-Sadistic Shawn