"Code of Lies- The Age of Disgrace" Review

Review: If you wanted to describe Code of Lies in a couple of words controlled chaos would be a great choice. The vocals range from blood curdling screams to powerful guttural growl. Though most of the time the band focuses on sheer heaviness they do manage to get a few catchy riffs thrown in over the short playtime of just over 18 minutes. Overall they manage to get their point across on each track and the point is to kick your fucking teeth in with a consistent, blasting brand of deathgrind that is sure to please fans of the style. From the first track all the way down to the last the band consistently stabs at you with crushing riffs and some fairly impressive technical sections. Plus there is great use of clips from Full Metal Jacket at the end that fades away into some atmospheric electronic sounds.

-Sadistic Shawn