Oppressor-"The Solstice of Agony and Corrosion" Review

About the band: This band was formed in mid 1991 in Chicago and went on to release 3 demos, 3 albums, and a live album that came with the As Blood Flows demo, but in mid-length of their run three quarters of the band started up the band Soil and in 1998 the band released their final album "Elements of Corrosion". After the release of their final album the band decided to dis-band when their alternative band Soil became more popular.

Review: This compilation consists of songs from each of their releases including a cover of the classic Ozzy song "Over the Mountain" and Motley Crue song "Looks That Kill". This band definitely has that old school death metal sound that I love from the late 80's and early to mid 90's. The best band I could really compare them to is the legendary bands Suffocation and Morbid Angel because this band shares alot of the same style when it comes to vocals and the overall technical death metal style that both of the said bands helped to pioneer. One of the songs that I hear alot of their Morbid Angel influence on is "Valley of Thorns" and where I hear their Suffocation influence is on "Kingdom of the Dead". Despite the obvious influence of those 2 bands this band does stand as their own in the sea of death metal. I honestly think that if this band could of made it through the late 90's they would be alot bigger today. All I can do at this point is hope they one day come back. On another note you get a very cool DVD with this set that comes with live performances, interviews, and photos. Overall this is a great compilation of some bad ass songs from this highly underrated death metal, I highly recommend this to any fan of old school technical death metal!

-Daniel Damnation

Band: Oppressor, Album: The Solstice of Agony and Corrosion, Release Year: 2009, Label: Mortal Music/ MVD Audio