"Hardware" Review

Synopsis: In the future, a nuclear war has transformed the Earth into a radioactive wasteland where the sea has dried up leaving it as a post-apocalyptic desert. In the desert, A desert scavenger named Nomad discovers a robotic head, arriving in New York City, A space marine named Moses Baxter buys the robotic head from Nomad as a Christmas present for his girlfriend Jill Grakowski, who decides to use it for one of her sculptures. But all hell starts breaking loose, when the robotic head is activated and begins to rebuilt itself. When Alvy, a junkyard dealer discover the robotic head is a Mark 13, a military cyborg of a project that was abandoned. Moses learns Jill's life is in danger, as the Mark 13 cyborg goes on a violent rampage in Jill's apartment as Jill has become the the prime target for extermination.

Review: After years of this film being lost in obscurity it has been resurrected by Severin films in this uncut and uncensored release that destroys all the prior cut up bootlegs that have been floating around all these years. Now lets get into this review. As you have read in the synopsis this film takes place in a wasteland type of environment that to me is reminiscent of such films as Road Warrior and to me that instantly made me interested in what they were going to do with this film and luckily I saw this film before I ever saw a trailer for it because it seems like the trailer shows too much and for a film like this you don't want to know too much. When it comes to the acting in this film I think they could of never picked a perfect cast, you get the great talents of Dylan Mc Dermott (Moses Baxter), Stacy Travis (Jill), John Lynch (Shades) and cameos by Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead and Iggy Pop. Each one of the cast members played their roles perfectly and really did their parts well in keeping my attention and helping the story progress smoothly. The characters that really liked the most was Moses, Alvy(Mark Northover who also played in Willow), and surprisingly I liked Lincoln Wineberg Jr. even though he was a creepy perv with a bad spot of herpes on his lip. Now lets get into the gore and killing, well there isn't a ton of deaths but as far as the hand full of them goes they did a pretty damn good job and for the most part they were pretty brutal and looked great. As for the musical part of this film I really liked how they used music from one of my favorite bands Ministry and also the music from Public Image Ltd. despite me liking the bands who played on here I really thought the music went well with the film and helped to set the mood. As far as the special features go on this 2 DVD set Severin has packed a ton on here, I will have the special features listed below this review. All I can say is that Severin has done all of us well with this release and has once again shown that they really do care about the fans of film and DVD collectors. Overall this is one of the best sci-fi horror films I have ever seen and I highly recommend to any sci-fi or horror fan! I give this a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Richard Stanley, Released By: Severin Films, Year: 1990(Theatrical) 2009(DVD) Genre:Sci-Fi/Horror, Website: severin-films.com Time Length: 93 mins.