Adimiron-"When Reality Wakes Up"

Review: This is the second album from this Italian metal band. This band describes themselves as being thrash and they do have alot of thrash elements in their music but at the same time they also have this soulful hard rock sound that is reminiscent of Sevendust. I do think they have a hard hitting sound but I wish the vocals would of varied a bit more because at times I found them to get stale and lose my attention, but of course I have to remind myself that this is only their second album and these guys' music is still fresh to me. When it comes to the overall sound of their music I have to say I really enjoy it and I loved how they mixed some great harmonies with the much more heavier parts to give a good blend of extreme and melody. Overall I did enjoy this album and for the style of music they play they do it quite well and I am interested in seeing how this band progresses on future albums. This is highly recommended to fans of Candiria, Sevendust, and Drowning Pool (newer material).

-Daniel Damnation