"Bloody Moon" Review

Synopsis: BLOODY MOON is Jess Franco's entry into the 'stalk-and-slasher' genre. Miguel is a disfigured young man who was sent to a mental home for murdering a girl with a pair of scissors after a party. Five years later he is released. His sister Manuela is in a relationship with a language teacher Alvaro. Even though she loves Alvaro there is something in her relationship with her brother that is holding back her unconditional love for Alvaro. After the death of the siblings' rich wheelchair-bound aunt (who hated Manuela) gruesome murders begin happening at the school where Alvaro teaches.

Review: At last I can actually say I found a Jesus Franco film that I actually really enjoyed. At first I thought this film was going to be nothing but a blood soaked orgy of flesh and death in ways that is what you get but along with that you get some great suspense and great twists that made me wondering who was actually doing the killings. The bad parts of this film was that some of the dubbing was quite bad and the dialogue was laughable at times but other than that this film did it's job and delivered a decent slasher film if you ask me. Now when it comes to the gore in this film I'd have to say it's not too bad but it also at the same time can bad. If you are a Jesus Franco fan than you will of course probably already like this film but if not I say give it a shot and you may actually enjoy it or you may just hate it. Overall this is not a bad entry into the slasher genre and is quite possibly one of the best Jesus Franco films.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:Jesus Franco, Released By: Severin Films, Year: 1981(Theatrical) 2008(DVD) Genre:Horror, Website: severin-films.com Time Length: 81 mins.

Special Features: Franco Moon-Featurette with director Jess Franco, Theatrical Trailer