"Bloody Ape" Review

Review: Why would you watch the Bloody Ape some might ask, by the trailer the only thing promised is a grainy looking super 8mm print and a rather average looking naked woman, but then there is so much more. The film opens up with carnival style music that fits the film all to well and leads us into a world of bad taste including but not limited to bad ape costumes, bad dubbing, racist cops and mechanics, politically incorrect characters, ape rape, nudity, and even bad wigs. Although this movie may not even sound watchable by now, you must remember this film is set out to do everything listed and create a truly bad film that entertains and shocks, the film does just that. If you aren't laughing at the ape driving away from a crime scene you are attempting to roll you tongue back up off the floor for the horrible racists comments made throughout the film. The film not only verbally shocks us it attempts to give us a gore rush when the ape does such violent things as remove a man's penis with his hands, disembowel a woman, and rip off a head. The acting seems to be read from cue cards at some points as Lampini (the ape owner) had lead me to believe when he explained to his girlfriend that without her his world would crumble and he would indeed lose his grip on the reality. If you are looking for the next controversial ground breaking film… don't look here, but if you are looking for an entertaining throwback to the grindhouse sexploitation and politically incorrect age of bad films, then this film is for you. As funny as stupid, as good as bad, if an ape could rape how much rape would an ape rape… sorry had to say that. Enjoy the Bloody Ape.

-Darker Parker

Directed By: Keith J Crocker, Released By: Wild Eye Films Year: 1997(Theatrical) 2009(DVD Re-Release) Genre: Horror, Website: wildeyedvd.com Time Length: 77 mins.