Rabid Grannies Review

Review: This is the 1988 Troma Team release from director Emmanuel Kervyn. This movie is about these 2 grannies who are having a party and their wretched family that is just after their fortune has come to get what they can while their there. The 2 grannies receive a gift from a mysterious old woman who drops it off and gives it to one of the maids and after the grannies open it well lets just say all hell breaks loose and these grannies get a keen taste for flesh and blood. Lets start off with the acting and go from there. The acting in this film isn't too bad for this type of over the top gore fest, the relatives of these 2 rabid grannies do such a great job at making you not like them from the start and after the killing started I was cheering on the grannies hoping they would tear each one of them apart without mercy. When it comes to the gore they did an awesome job with a very what I like to call "Tromatic" style to it. I really liked how the grannies looked in their ghoul like form. After watching this I have to say this film ranks up high with me next to such films as Dead Alive (aka Bran Dead) and The Granny(1994), those 2 films were over the top with gore and killer grannies as well. Overall this is a great gorefest that will please any Troma fan and any gore hound! I give this film a 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Emmanuel Kervyn, Released By: Troma Year: 1988(Theatrical) 2009(DVD Re-Release) Genre: Horror/Comedy Website: Troma.com Time Length: 88 mins.