"Deadlands: The Rising" Movie Review

Synopsis: Unexplained explosions rock several major U.S. cities. As the night unfolds, more mysterious events are yet to come. In Baltimore, five strangers take a stand as the world is rapidly consumed by the living dead! A man stuck in a traffic jam narrowly escapes to warn others of what’s heading their way… best friends fight to return home and find the fate of their families… a mother and son desperately seek to escape the horrors gathering outside. While each human stands to fight and survive, the army of the dead continues to grow…

Review: With myself being a zombie movie fan I always like to see new zombie films and in my eyes zombie films can be hit or miss and unfortunately this one in my eyes was a miss. They overall story is typical for this film and most films in this sub-genre and I was expecting there would possibly a twist that would redeem the story but it never happened. Now when it came to the acting most of it was quite amateur and not convincing but a few of the main actors pulled their acting off quite well, like the mother, her husband and her husbands friend. The zombies in this film for the most part was quite bad especially in one scene were you can see a heavy set female zombie walking like a normal person and showing little effort to even do a somewhat typical zombie walk. The gore effects weren't too bad but they were pretty basic and myself being a gorehound I was left wanting more blood and guts because of the lack of amounts in this film. See I really wanted to like this film but it just didn't work for me. If this guy can get some better zombie actors and beef up the gore he can really make a good zombie flick. Overall this movie just didn't work for me and I'd only suggest it to people who buy all zombie film no matter if their bad or good. I give it a 1.5 out of 5.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:GARY UGAREK Released By: Tempe Video Year: 2006 (DVD Release 2007) Genre: Horror Website: www.tempevideo.com Time Length: 63 mins.