"The Last Horror Film" DVD/Movie Review

Review: I am a huge fan of independent horror and surprisingly I had never seen this film until now and I have to thank Troma for bringing us the uncut version and showing the way it should be. The plot of this movie is great, it's about Vinny Durand (Joe Spinell) who is an obsessed fan of horror movie star Jenna Bates (Caroline Munro) who wants to be a director and have her in his film but thing go in a spiral after people close to the star start dying. This movie truly threw me for a loop when the movie reached it's climax and I truly do mean that. The highlight of this film was the performance from the very underrated Joe Spinell, he did such an amazing job playing a uniquely bizarre character that in ways is kind of like his character in Maniac. His character is oddly likable and extremely well acted. The overall movie was fantastic with great pacing and great acting with the perfect amount of twists and turns and a pretty decent body count. If you are looking for a forgotten gem that Troma did an awesome job polishing off then buy this when it comes out on May 19th! As far as the dvd goes, they did a great job with it and like always it is filled with tons of great tromatic extras and bonus features. The cover art is also way better than the old release and the overall look of the packaging looks great also. I can't wait to see what other film Troma will be releasing in The Tromaterpiece Collection! I give this movie 5 out of 5!

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By:David Winters Released By: Troma DVD Release Date: May 19th 2009 Genre: Horror/Thriller Website: www.troma.com Time Length: 87 mins.