"Little Big Top" DVD Review

In this movie starring Sid Haig as Seymour Smiles, who is a alcoholic former clown that goes back to his hometown to retire, but he is called on to teach the clowns at the local circus how to be real clowns and how to put on a great show and as you could guess he regains back his love of performing . I have to say that this is the best performance I have seen him do in a movie since The Devil's Rejects. Sid Haig has done alot of independent films in the past few years and most of them have turned out to be shit, but this film he stars in actually is a great piece of work. The cast consists of mostly first time or no name actors, but that really helps the story and movie seem more realistic and very much down to earth. As I watched this movie I could really tell that the director has great vision for film making. Overall I would say that this is a great independent film that deserves credit for being that and I really hope alot of people get to check this fantastic film out.

-Daniel Damnation

Directed By: Ward Roberts
DVD Released By: Morningstar Entertainment
Genre: Dark Comedy